Dr. Fred M. Timmermans, MSc (dent), HonMANT(NL)

 image courtesy of Straumann 

A Dental Implant

is the most sophisticated and often the very best solution to replace missing teeth. The main advantage is that healthy existing teeth do not need to be compromised by grinding them down to create abutments for crowns or caps. In that respect you can see it as a less or minimal intervention procedure (minimal trauma to tissues).

 However there are situations where regular dentistry might be a good or better alternative. Implants are artificial roots that need jaw bone to grow on to. When this is missing we can do tissue replacement procedures. This can be difficult and time consuming and add extra costs. To avoid these extra procedures it is best to replace a missing tooth with an implant better sooner then later. The best way to determine if implants are possible is checking normal x-rays or better 3 D cone beam x-rays.


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